10 May

Teacher Defense

The debate on whether or not teachers should conceal carry continues. Bret Hood chats with WINK News on what the chaotic scene could look like for a teacher with a gun.
01 May

Facebook Quizzes and Your Safety

Facebook quizzes are on the rise, but are they safe? The answer is no. These quizzes are used to gather your personal data and those of your friends. Facebook is cracking down on personality quizzes, but listen to FBI fraud expert, Bret Hood on how
05 Jun

An Investigator’s Guide to the Whistle-Blower: Part 6 of 6

Closure At this point, the investigator has put in many hours, had countless conversations, and has earned at least some level of trust with the whistle-blower.  Sufficient details about the incident have been extracted from the whistle-blower so that the investigator could find corroborating
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