Do you, like President Washington, perceive yourself to be a leadership impostor dreading the moment when your followers figure out that you are not the leader they think you are? Are you as empathetic a leader as President Lincoln? Will you take an ethical stand when facing great pressure as President Theodore Roosevelt did? Whether you are an experienced leader or just beginning your leadership journey, Get Off Your Horse! Fifty-Two Succinct Leadership Lessons from U.S. Presidents is designed to enhance and develop your leadership skills by interweaving the latest scientific research with historical stories of U.S. presidents. With a different leadership lesson for each week of the year, maybe it’s time for you to get off your horse.

Jason was faced with a very personal dilemma; earn much needed overtime pay or attend his daughter’s school play? He chose the overtime believing he was helping create the best possible future for his daughter, but was he? If Jason’s daughter had a choice between a better future or seeing her Dad at her play, which do you think she would choose? Eat More Ice Cream! challenges you like no other leadership book. Interweaving scientific findings, business case studies, law enforcement experiences, and historical leadership examples into short, succinct practical stories, Could you overcome emotional hijackings like Abraham Lincoln did? Are you a carver striving to etch your name into history or are you a planter who quietly sows the fields of leadership? Are you a leader willing to work on Christmas day so that a few of your followers can enjoy Christmas morning with their children? Are you a leader climbing the organizational ladder or are you a leader who places a ladder squarely on your back? With a unique and individually relevant leadership lesson for each week of the year, Eat More Ice Cream! is designed to provoke deep self-reflection while also helping you learn new ways to influence others. In the digital age, leaders have no choice but to Eat More Ice Cream!