27 Oct

Join Me at the Cybersecurity Fraud Awareness Seminar!

I’m excited to invite you to the Cybersecurity Fraud Awareness Seminar, where I’ll be speaking alongside other experts from Okaloosa and Seminole counties. This seminar promises to be an enlightening experience. We’ll delve into the intricacies of the fraud triangle and the latest trends
08 Oct

Getting the Confession

I spoke with WINK News about what it takes to get the confession. In 2018 Texas Ranger James Holland contacted the Fort Myers Police Department and informed them that Samuel Little had confessed to killing a black female in Fort Myers in 1984. In
10 May

Teacher Defense

The debate on whether or not teachers should conceal carry continues. Bret Hood chats with WINK News on what the chaotic scene could look like for a teacher with a gun.
01 May

Facebook Quizzes and Your Safety

Facebook quizzes are on the rise, but are they safe? The answer is no. These quizzes are used to gather your personal data and those of your friends. Facebook is cracking down on personality quizzes, but listen to FBI fraud expert, Bret Hood on how
19 Jan


A top Swiss executive finds himself in charge of saving Isabelle. After tense negotiations, he reaches an agreement with the kidnappers. But when the delivery of the ransom disastrously fails, all trust is shattered. J.P. must act quickly – take bigger and bolder steps, and