04 Jun

An Investigator’s Guide to the Whistle-Blower: Part 5 of 6

After the Disclosure – The Long Play More frequently than not, an investigator has occasion to meet a whistle-blower post-disclosure.  As such, many of the psychological processes involved with whistle-blowing have been endured.  Financial hardship, loss of employment with relatively no chance of re-entering
02 Jun

An Investigator’s Guide to the Whistleblower: Part 3 of 6

 The Bottom of the Barrel Doing the right thing can be a cruel life lesson for whistle-blower’s.  After assuming company executives would applaud the whistle-blower’s efforts for bringing derogatory and potentially illegal information to their attention, the whistle-blower suddenly finds himself/herself no longer employed and
01 Jun

An Investigator’s Guide to Whistle-Blower’s: Part 2 of 6

Explaining Some of the Psychology Behind Disclosure and Retaliation It’s the one thing they never imagined.  The whistle-blower believed people, especially his/her supervisors, would see what needed to be done and start the process of correction.  It seemed so obvious, so righteous.  No sooner than
19 Jan


A top Swiss executive finds himself in charge of saving Isabelle. After tense negotiations, he reaches an agreement with the kidnappers. But when the delivery of the ransom disastrously fails, all trust is shattered. J.P. must act quickly – take bigger and bolder steps, and