2 Day Improving Community Policing Schedule

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Day 1 – Morning

The Perfect and Imperfect Leaders

2 Day Improving Community Policing Schedule
2 Day Improving Community Policing Schedule

An interactive exercise where students start the process of self-assessment.

Group Dynamics

In this exercise, participants see how quickly they fall into group behavior without even understanding why they are doing it. Participants will learn how to leverage group dynamics in their leadership style in order to enhance team building identities and efforts.

Day 1 – Afternoon

Blind Spots

How can leaders stop the affects of bias when they don’t even know the bias exists? In this exercise, participants are surprised at how quickly they label people and either put them in the favorable and unfavorable groups. In open discussions, participants learn about how the brain operates, how we send unconscious signals to others, and the dangers of the us vs. them dilemma.

The Relationship of Priming in Leadership

Unbeknownst to us, we are continually primed to behave in certain ways through the use of words, emotions, and music. In this exercise, students actually feel the effects of priming and are shown by their very own actions how priming can be used for leadership purposes.

Day 2 – Morning


With scientific studies determining that every four out of five decisions we make when under stress are incorrect, this interactive case study will help leaders understand certain decision-making traps as well as how to avoid them.

Social Networks and Leadership

Have you ever been in an organization with a negative culture? In this class, you learn of ways to change organizational cultures using scientifically proven ways to leverage existing social networks in organizations.

Day 2 – Afternoon

How Group Mentalities Sub-Consciously Affect You as the Leader

One of the best ways to learn is to find yourself behaving in a certain way and in this exercise, participants are surprised by the way they act. Falling into traps within the first couple of minutes, participants will discover their own implicit biases, flawed decision-making processes and most importantly, find that they can also become the victim of the groupthink phenomenon where people become blinded due to the cohesion of the team.

De-Escalation & Emotional Hijackings

Increasingly, police officers and businessmen are finding more conflict in the workplace and/or with customers. In this class, students learn how to apply traits of emotional intelligence including ways to avoid emotional hijackings.

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