Interviewing Skills For Attorneys


Interviewing Skills For Attorneys – Whether it be in a deposition, courtroom, or just an information gathering session, asking questions is an important part of an attorney’s job.  While most law schools don’t offer classes on interviewing, many attorneys are ill-prepared to best elicit information.  In this course, participants will learn tips and best practices from a 25-year veteran FBI Special Agent. (12-16 hrs)


Learning Objectives:  After this block of instruction, the participants will be able to:


  • Develop an interviewing style.
  • Create an interview plan.
  • Define baseline behavior.
  • Compare/contrast established interviewing methods.
  • Utilize active listening skills.
  • Develop methods to mitigate confirmation bias.
  • Assess the impact of implicit bias on interviewing.
  • Compare/contrast best practices to elicit information.
  • Compare/contrast suspect and witness interviews.
  • Establish methods to develop rapport.
  • Apply social psychological behaviors in the interviewing process.
  • Assess methods to detect deception.
  • Define bounded ethicality.
  • Develop methods to increase focus.
  • Compare/contrast minimization and maximization.
  • Evaluate the role of power structure in an interviewing environment.
  • Identify characteristics of false confessions.
  • Identify inconsistencies in speech and written statements.
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of leading questions.
  • Define moral equilibrium.
  • Construct methods to frame questions to suit particular situations.

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