Leading People in an Increasingly Dynamic World Leadership Seminar

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Do you think you could be an even better leader?  Are you having difficulty leading people from other generations?  Maybe you wish you could be more effective influencing up and down a command chain.  Lastly, are your followers not as motivated and engaged as they could be?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Leading People in an Increasingly Dynamic World is the right course for you!

This course is taken direct from the FBI’s world-renowned National Academy program and taught by one of the National Academy’s top-rated leadership instructors.  In this completely interactive course, participants will learn:

  • The science behind motivating people.
  • How to leverage automatic social psychological behaviors to influence others.
  • The positive and negative effects of our unconscious biases.
  • How to become a transformational leader
  • Methods to create a memorable message by improving your communication skills.
  • Deploy your emotional intelligence ability to diffuse toxic employees and toxic situations.

Leading People in an Increasingly Dynamic World will drastically elevate your skill set by getting you to consider your leadership in ways you have never previously.  Not only will this course spur deep reflection, but it will also force you to see your leadership from new perspectives while you engage in real life practical problems.  Participants have raved about Leading People in an Increasingly Dynamic World calling it the best leadership course they have ever attended and also the most fun.  If you think you have room for improvement as a leader, then Leading People in an Increasingly Dynamic World is the course for you.  After all, don’t your followers deserve the best leader possible?

This course has been presented to police executives in Wisconsin, Missouri, Georgia, Utah, Connecticut, Oregon, and Alabama. Portions of the course have been presented to private sector entities including national mortgage companies, Fortune 500 companies, and to international business executives. Upcoming courses are tentatively scheduled for Denmark, Oregon, Washington, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Las Vegas, and New Hampshire.

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