Why We Aren’t As Ethical As We Think We Are!

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In order to enhance the professionalism and ethical profiles of the insurance and legal industries, industry members need to understand how human frailties cause people to make unethical decisions.

This block of instruction is an interactive immersion that will directly show how easy it is for people to deviate from their ethical profiles.

Purpose of Course:

The goal of this course is to deliver an interactive experience where participants’ behaviors are captured and then discussed. Inasmuch as people believe themselves to be more ethical than they actually are, the interactive exercise done in the beginning of the program will set the tone for discussions about how the brain can easily transform and alter facts/situations so that we can defeat our ethical belief systems. Organizations that can understand and implement behavioral ethics can mitigate the risk of internal control and policy failures by injecting behavioral nudges that will consciously and sub-consciously direct health care employees as well as patients to proper ethical decisions.

Upon completion of this program, the participant will be able to discuss methods to enhance the organizations’ and individual’s ethical profiles.

Course Features

  • Lectures 2
  • Quizzes 7
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 1
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
  • Self Analysis 0/2

    • Quiz1.1
      Self-Analysis – How Ethical Are You?
      1 questions
    • Quiz1.2
      Behavior – What is your rating?
      3 questions
  • Psychological Distance 0/2

    • Lecture2.1
      Psychological Distance
      30 min
    • Quiz2.1
      Psychological Distance – What is your rating?
      3 questions
  • Motivated Blindness 0/2

    • Lecture3.1
      What is Motivated Blindness?
      30 min
    • Quiz3.1
      Motivated Blindness – What is your rating?
      3 questions
  • Have You Ever Said Or Done Something You Regretted? 0/1

    • Quiz4.1
      Have You Ever Said Or Done Something You Regretted?
      3 questions
  • Positive Self-Image 0/1

    • Quiz5.1
      Positive Self-Image – What is your rating?
      3 questions
  • Materiality 0/1

    • Quiz6.1
      Materiality – What is your rating?
      3 questions
  • Emotions 0/3

    • Lecture7.1
      Emotions – Does your organization publish summaries of things your employees do right/wrong?
      3 hours
    • Lecture7.2
      Emotions – What is your purpose at work?
      3 hours
    • Lecture7.3
      Emotions – When you think of your organization, what is the first image that comes to mind?
      3 days


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