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Financial crimes, ethics, money laundering and leadership expert
Michael Bret Hood

A financial crime, fraud, money laundering & leadership expert with 25 years of hands-on FBI experience leading investigative teams and people.


  • Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a concentration in business continuity, security and risk management from Boston University
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in accounting from Southern Illinois University


  • 25 years as a Supervisory Special Agent and Special Agent in the FBI Federal court certified expert in white collar crime and money laundering.
  • Successfully investigated and convicted over 100 white collar criminal defendants.
  • Analyzed hundreds of millions of dollars in financial transactions.
  • Seized over $50 million dollars from convicted white collar criminals.
  • Master trainer and facilitator who has led approximately 50 United States government delegations teaching financial crimes, money laundering, anti-corruption, risk assessment, and leadership to international law enforcement and other governmental agencies.


  • United States Attorneys’ Office Special Agent of the Year in 1998, 2001, 2005, & 2008
  • Recipient of FBI Director’s Awards for Leadership & Innovation in 2012 and 2013
  • Letter of Commendation from FBI Director 2000
  • Economic Crimes Agent of the Year – 2008
  • Forfeiture Agent of the Year – 2005
  • Adjunct Professor of Leadership for the University of Virginia
  • Permanent Guest Lecturer – Florida Gulf Coast University forensic accounting class
  • Featured speaker for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner’s global fraud conference in 2015 & 2016
  • Forensic accounting guest speaker at Florida Atlantic University and the University of South Florida.

Licenses & Specialized Training

  • Certified Fraud Examiner – 2011
  • Certified Advanced Instructor and “Train the Trainer” – 2002
  • ASIS International Member Advanced Psychology classes on human behavior
  • Advanced adult learning courses

Courses Taught

  • Leadership for Law Enforcement, University of Virginia
  • Leadership, Ethics & Decision-Making, University of Virginia
  • Basic Psychology of Leadership, University of Virginia
  • Contemporary Issues in Policing, University of Virginia
  • Forensic Accounting, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Executive Leadership, International Law Enforcement Academy
  • Leadership & Public Corruption, International Law Enforcement Academy
  • Anti-Corruption Initiatives & Programs, International Law Enforcement Academy
  • Introduction to Counter-Terrorism, International Law Enforcement Academy
  • Financial Crime, Money Laundering, & Terrorist Financing, International Law Enforcement Academy
  • Risk Assessment & Management, International Law Enforcement Academy
  • Advanced Money Laundering Techniques, Brazil Police Academy
  • Financial Institution Fraud, Indonesia Police Academy
  • Fraud & Other Economic Crimes, International Law Enforcement Academies
  • Anti-Money Laundering, Malaysian Federal Reserve
  • Training Center Ethics & Compliance, Greek Police Academy
  • Ethics, Internal Controls & Compliance, Cypriot Police Academy


  • The Role of Qui Tam Actions Under the False Claims Act in Preventing and Deterring Fraud Against Government, University of Miami Business Law Review (March 2007)
  • The Incoming Millennial Fraud Tidal Wave, Fraud magazine (March 2016)
  • Us Vs. Them: The Effects of Group Dynamics on Leadership, Law Enforcement Bulletin (June 2015)
  • Should You Always Lead From The Front?, Leadership Spotlight, Law Enforcement Bulletin (September 2014)
  • The Leader Knows Best, Leadership Spotlight, Law Enforcement Bulletin (November 2012)
  • Overestimating Yourself, Leadership Spotlight, Law Enforcement Bulletin (March 2015)
  • The Carver & The Planter, Leadership Spotlight, Law Enforcement Bulletin (July 2015)
  • I Should Have Eaten More Ice Cream!, Leadership Spotlight, Law Enforcement Bulletin (September 2015)
  • Social Psychological Behaviors: An Under-Utilized Tool for Interviewers, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Conference Paper (June 2015)
  • Why Let the Truth Get in the Way: How Implicit Biases Affect Investigations, Law Enforcement Bulletin (July 2016)
  • Importance of the Little Things, Leadership Spotlight, Law Enforcement Bulletin (July 2016)
  • Don’t Fall For Time-Tested Fraud Schemes, Nabor News, July 2002
  • Is The Media Still Objective? Why Law Enforcement Executives Have an Outdated View of the Media – (In Review Process)